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Newsletter: Winter 2009

Please make note of our holiday hours:
We will be closed from December 24 through January 3rd.
We will reopen on Monday, January 4th, 2010.

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Looking for a gift of health for a friend or loved one? How about a gift certificate for chiropractic care? Please call or come in to the office and ask Nancy about it.

Don't forget to come in to the office for a free pocket/purse size Wellness Calendar for 2010. These are useful not. only as calendars but they also have health messages for each month. Pick up one for yourself and one (or two) for others.


The following article is our gift to all of you. The Yoga Sun Salutation is a wonderful little exercise that can get you on your feet, get your juices flowing and provides a moment for a universal "thank you" for the many blessings in your life. It is best practiced initially through instruction in a yoga class environment where you can be taught the proper execution of each posture, but we do have hand-outs available at our office and there is a link in our newsletter where you can print a copy. We also have contacts and resources for local yoga classes. Ask us.

Kick-Start Your Day

Seven Practical Ways the Sun Salutation Helps
You to Get Ready For Your Day

by: Ntathu Allen

Have you ever woken up stiff and tired and longed to spend a few extra minutes in bed? Would you like to feel energized, ready to start your day with vigor and ease?

Regular practice of the Sun Salutation is an ideal way to help kick-start your day. If you are not sure whether to invest your time and energy to practice the Sun Salutation take a look at these tips and see what you are missing.

1. As the name suggests The "Sun Salutation" is traditionally a salute to the sun. It's your body's opportunity to tune into the golden glow of warmth and light generating from the sun and get an internal sun-bath.

2. Do you remember the saying "you are as young as your spine?" - Well, regular practice of the Sun Salutation gives your spine an incredible multi-dimensional stretch.

3. Not only your spine but your whole body gets a good stretch when you practice the Sun Salutation. The 12 interlinking positions open your heart and gently bend your body forwards, backwards.

4. As you stretch and co-ordinate your breath to the positions, you bring greater harmony and a sense of ease and fluidity into your body. After only a few rounds of practice you feel whole and complete.

5. Ancient seers and yogis have been practicing the Sun Salutation since 5,000 BC. Wow -imagine that - every time you practice this sequence you re-align and tune into the energies of great Yoga Masters. Imagine all that knowledge and understanding flowing through your body.

6. As you breathe deeply throughout the sequence you give your body a mini detox. Your energy is stimulated and balanced as the increase flow of prana flows through your body.

7. Best of all, you get a chance to lie-down and get well-earned rest when you have finished!

Next time you wake up, feeling grumpy and tired, take your time, breathe and slowly stretch your body and feel that warm glow from the sun bathe your body.

Ntathu Allen, Yoga and Meditation Teacher works with women who want a richer, more fulfilling life for themselves and their families. She teaches you easy yoga postures, meditation practices and relaxation techniques to help you live a healthier, wealthier and happier stress-free life. To find out more go to: and sign up for your copy of Ntathu's free monthly yoga Inspires newsletter. The newsletter contains a goldmine of tips, techniques and strategies you can use to become healthier, wealthier and happier.

Come by the office to pick up by a free Sun Salutation "how-to" handout and/or to find local classes/instructors. Or you may visit:

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