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Newsletter: Summer 2011

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Dr. Larry Smith, Chiropractor has had a successful practice in Parksville B.C. since 1987. After years in the same space, he decided it was time to finally do that dreaded task -- Renovation. Although the property had been well-maintained, it really needed the "Extreme Makeover" version to re-energize the space and to bring it up-to-date. It needed treatment. It needed a 'Design Adjustment'.

The design project was offered to his assistant, Nancy, who had experience in interior design. She developed the overall plan; chose the colour palette; got estimates from the various trades and sourced out the new elements to be installed. She also sourced out the company that does "etched" glass signs and had beautiful and very classy looking signage done on the full front window and as a border around the glass door. This one element alone has caught the eye of passersby and is often commented upon.

In a perfect world of renovating, prior to beginning, the space is totally emptied of all people and things and the project proceeds along a very well plotted out timeline. However, when renovating a business/commercial space that must remain open for business throughout the project, the timing factor is a much greater issue.

Apart from being the first step, painting the entire space was by far the biggest, messiest and most time consuming part of the project. It would definitely require the office being closed for business and cleared out, as much as possible prior to painting. It was decided that the Christmas holiday was a time when the office would normally be closed and with an additional two days added to the closure, it would give the painters 17 possible days to complete the job. If painters could be found who would work over Christmas time.

The painting got done; the practice was open for business on January 3rd and for the next three months the contractor was there outside of office hours to complete all the other tasks. New crown and baseboard moldings throughout; next light fixtures throughout; washroom re-do; new wall-hung shelving; new chairs and other furniture. The furniture and the finishes were carefully considered for functionality, simplicity, comfort, ease of cleaning and durability.

The comments from the majority of patients have been very positive. They find the colour palette to be soothing, the lighting to be softer and the overall design feels more spacious, fresh, relaxing and professional. A well-adjusted space in which healing can occur.

There are still a few 'touches' to be added to the space. A large mirror, some art work one or two large plants perhaps some cabinetry. Afterall, the spaces in which we live and work are, like us, always evolving. The pictures below will illustrate what a difference a "Design Adjustment" can make.

Better yet, come on in and see it first hand.


We continue our partnership with Synergy Day Spa at The Beach Club. Every month Rhiannon is offering a complimentary spa service as a draw prize through our office as a way of introducing our patients to her extensive services. One month the draw will be for a 30-minute massage and the next month for a personal yoga session. Come in and put your name in the box.


This is the height of the season for gardeners and the golfers have been warming up for some time now.

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