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Patient Success Stories

I just wanted to pass along a testimonial I received from a grateful practice member. He has absolutely the biggest build up of scar tissue and adhesions over his left Achilles tendon, and medial ankle region. He has had several surgeries and he was told his last hope was to once again have the scar tissues and adhesions "surgically scraped."

I am so grateful that I learned this incredible technique. Thank you for the training!


Dr. Larry Smith

"Before starting chiropractic care, I had severe scar tissue on my left ankle due to numerous work related injuries. I had very little range of motion and my ankle was very painful to touch.

I began receiving the Graston technique and the results have been incredible!!

I have noticed the following benefits:

  • I use less medication
  • I am now able to stand on my toes
  • I can now run short distances. This is the first time I have had mobility in my left ankle in 25 years.
I first heard of the Graston technique through my sister and I became very interested in the procedure. I came to Dr. Larry for my back and noticed that he did the Graston technique. I then received some information and passed this on to my W.C.B. adjudicator who then approved treatments. Dr. Larry is the only person in the Mid Vancouver Island doing this technique and personally I am very grateful!!"

--William Robinson
January 20, 2006

"Graston Technique was the treatment that finally fixed my iliotibial band problems. Over the course of one and a half years, Iíd tried physical therapy, orthotics, massage and cortisone shots, I still couldnít run for more than minutes., After six weeks of Graston Technique, I was completely healed, and nine months later I still have no problems."

--Beeman Strong

"After two surgeries to repair a broken foot, I was still in constant pain; I had very little improvement after ultra sound and injection therapy to break down the scar tissue. My chiropractor recommended the Graston Technique, and after several treatments, I now have greater flexibility and range of motion in my foot. The pain has all but diminished, and Iím able to enjoy running and other activities again. "

--George Wagner

For more information about the Graston Technique, please call our office.

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