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Plantar Fasciitis treatment with Graston Technique

There is a case study of a 22 year old female college basketball player who was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. She complained of pain along the bottoms of both feet, greater on the right than on the left. She reported difficulty standing more than 10 minutes, difficulty walking more than 15 minutes and pain upon rising from sitting. She stated the pain was worse in the morning, and rated her pain level at 6/10.

She had undergone previous physical therapy which included stretching exercises and ultrasound, providing little or no relief. She received two cortisone injections at 6 and 10 months prior, and had been placed in orthotics 6 months prior, which she admitted to providing minor relief.

Her treatment consisted of the Graston Technique to both feet at several different sites, mobilization of the region and instructions on strengthening and stretching. The use of ice after treatments and after exercizing was stressed.

When she returned 18 days later for her fifth treatment, she rated her pain level 1/10. She reported being able to run more than 20 minutes with little or no pain. After her fifth treatment, she was discharged to a home stretching program.

For more information about the Graston Technique, please call our office.

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